Proudly Australian

K-ROO is produced by Australia’s leading manufacturer of kangaroo meat, Macro Meats. Based in South Australia, we’re a family-owned and operated business that have a long history of innovation and excellence and have been proudly supplying Australians with kangaroo meat for the past 30 years. Kangaroo is an abundant natural resource, anchored to the DNA of this beautiful country, which we believe offers us all a healthier, more sustainable way to eat and live.

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Healthy and delicious

Kangaroo is 98% fat free and high in iron and zinc making it the perfect protein for creating healthy, nutritious meals for the whole family. Recommended by top athletes and nutritionists it provides all Australians with the very best solution for a happy and healthy future.

Not only that, it’s also incredibly lean, tasty, and simple to cook. From meatballs and burgers to steaks and fillets, we’ve carefully created tasty products that can easily be added to every home cook’s weekly repertoire. And we’re always developing new products and flavours too.

If you’d like to know more about how we ethically source kangaroo and create our products please visit our FAQ section or get in touch with us.

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Sustainable and ethical

We’re passionate about pioneering this cause, which is why we set our own ethical and environmental standards in kangaroo meat, that go far beyond the already stringent government regulations. From the paddock to the plate, we always respect the animal and the ecosystem. The kangaroos are never farmed and our top to tail approach ensures nothing is wasted. The result? For three decades we’ve made sure that this natural, sustainable resource is honoured, and made available to every Australian in its purest form.